Bits about the daily life of a full time miniaturist and his trusty assistant. 

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Wednesday, 12th September

Just finished a run of the 12th scale caravan kits. 

Now to tackle the ever increasing list of kits that are out of stock. 


Tuesday, 31st July

Last day of one of the hottest months we have had.  He has been playing again and this time he fancied making a bread board in pear wood.  If he decides to go ahead with them, they will be on the web site later this week.  If he decides not to go ahead with them, I will keep the one he has made. 


Wednesday, 25th July

One of our favourite chairs, the folding Savonarola.  Just for fun, B made one in pear instead of the usual mahogany.  Quite a difference eh?

savonarola pear400.jpg

Sunday, 22nd July

Sometimes it can be fun to take an item and have a play.  These mannequin kits have been decorated with decopatch which means taking bits of torn up paper and a special glue and working like papier mache.  The range of papers available on the internet is amazing and you can end up with a completely unique model.


Thursday, 19th July

Even with the air conditioner going, the workshop temperature got to 28°   Way, way too hot to be running the machines.